Week 2

Great job today guys! We had some technical difficulties- from some people's videos not loading to the TV not working- but you were all great sports!

I was SO impressed with the videos I saw today. It was such a nice way to see into your lives! I would not have expected to see goats and blaring horns set to the Disney intro but it was unexpected and so funny! It's so important to be yourself on YouTube- that's what your audience will want to see!

I want to give a special shoutout to two videos I thought really shined- Finn's and Collin's! I could tell you both put a lot of time and energy into your videos. You both showed your personality and we got to know more about you through your videos which was the whole point of the assignment! Great work you two!

For those of you who had some technical difficulties with your videos (or simply forgot), no worries! You have this week to work on it and have it ready by class next week.

If you need help, you can always email me at

If you're having trouble commenting your video link on this post, you can email me the link instead!


For those of you who already submitted your intro video, you don't have any homework- UNLESS you want to redo yours. This is a good opportunity if you learned from seeing your friend's videos today and want to improve yours. Remember to film horizontally!

For those who didn't submit your intro video, that is your homework!

Also: In 2 weeks your next video will be due. I want to give you plenty of time to work on it! You can make the video any topic you want for your channel. Your should be 4 minutes long or less- that might not seem like a lot, but in the beginning shorter is better so you can make it really good. Plus, we want to have time to watch all your videos in class and give each other feedback.

With this class, I want you all to know that making mistakes is OKAY. That's the only way you can learn! You will continue to get better and more confident each time you make a video. With YouTube, practice really makes perfect! It's also not about quantity (how much you post) but quality (how good the videos are you post). I'd rather you work really hard to make a great video in 2 weeks than to make 7 videos that are 'meh'.

Have a great week- see you next Wednesday!

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