Lesson/Week 9

We finished the Maze of Bones; 39 Clues!  The entire class agreed that the book had a great ending but disagreed about whether or not we should continue with the series.  This class was not promoted as one that would follow a mystery/detective series; so I asked students to vote as to if we should continue or end the study.  I collected secret ballot votes and it was a tie!  


Here is what I propose: those that want to continue with at least 1 more book in the series (there are 10 total) should purchase Book #2 (One Wrong Note; I have purchased and started ... yes, I am hooked:).  Then,  option 1:  we schedule a weekly zoom meeting for maybe 10 minutes to review what we have read; ensure comprehension; predict what we think might happen next and assign the next chapters to read.  Option 2: we each read the book on our own schedule and casually discuss in class if time allows.  I want to provide for what you and your student desire!  Please email me - kellisandefurteach@gmail.com with comments and commitment to at least 1 more book in the series!

We transitioned our class time today with a scavenger/treasure hunt requiring students to use decoder glasses; find clues; test evidence and enter the 'correct' code in safe boxes!  Great fun!  Look forward to more fun next week!