Lesson 3

Today we reviewed the requirements Eyewitness Identification Procedures for Conducting Photo Arrays, which are very similar to those procedures for 'in person' Lineup Identifications.  Next we took notes on Eyewitness testimony.  Finally we defined felony and misdomeaner crimes.



Due Monday, August 31:

Watch these 3 video clips showcasing inaccurate Eyewitness Testimony from the movie "My Cousin Vinny" 




Due Monday, September 14 ... BUT START NOW!

Start working on your Forensic Timeline Project.  The requirements for the project are included in your Black Forensics folder.  This project isn't due until Monday, September 14 BUT I HIGHLY recommend you begin your research now!  Remember, all information needs to be from credible sources and information needs to be in your own words.  Although information needs to be accurate, there are no 'right' or 'wrong' dates/events to include. You get to choose!  


On September 14, we will display all the projects around the perimeter of the room for fellow students to enjoy and me too grade.   Please note: If you choose to present your timeline as a powerpoint presentation, you will need to have a computer available to bring to class on September 14, so students can watch your presentation as they walk around the room viewing projects.