Lesson/Week 24

Today we tried to "Spot the Difference".  Forgery is a crime and often forensic specialists are asks to analyze handwriting samples to determine if they are legit or forged.  


1.  Collect some dirt from your yard and bring to class next week. (about 1/2 cup; in a ziplock bag or Tupperware container.)

2.  Read the "Dirt Detective" pages in your notebooks so you are prepared to study dirt in class next week. (2 pages)

3.  Review information on Polygraphs, Blood and Handwriting/Forgery (Liars Beware, Splat and Spot the Difference pages in notebooks.  Copies attached below).  We will have a simple 10 question quiz at the beginning of class next week.

Be Safe and Have a Great Week!   Mrs. Kelli