Lesson/Week 2

Hi parents!  Your students are doing great!  In just 2 weeks, they have started to create bonds and tackle assignments together!  In case they don't share, we are completing science experiments in class each week and learning how to work through the Scientific Method with each experiment.  


As a group, we decided to complete the Florida History Workbook IN the workbook; see notes on the assignment sheet.  


We continue enjoy and learn from our first literature study: "Rules".  As previously mentioned, Journal Entries are to encourage free flow of thoughts and feelings.  Let them write! No worries about grammar, spelling, etc.... I advised students there will be a quiz over their readings next week; it is nothing to stress over if they have read the pages assigned.  This week we added grammar to our Language Arts curriculum.  I have included the grammar quiz for them to complete at home, so they understand quizzes can be completed without stress or worry.  

Finally, please allow students to complete their math assignments without your oversight.  I need to know the needs of each student in order to help them progress. 


Attached is the work assigned for this week.  As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!  Kellisandefurteach@gmail.com