Great first day!!  Following are the homework assignments for each Core subject for this week:

-Science: Today wee learned about the steps involved in the Scientific Method and conducted an experiment utilizing the method.  Students should complete the worksheet in the section entitled 'Sort Scientific Method Questions', as well as Scientific Scenarios - Is This Safe? worksheet and What Would You Do? worksheet.  These pages are in the science 3-ring-binder (purple).   In the next lesson, we will chart and study the results of our experiment.

-Math: Learning what we know and need to learn/practice!  Students should complete math pages 1 - 4 in the black 3-ring-binder.  Students should do their own work (parents - no help!) and if a concept needs reviewed, mark with a '?' 

-Florida History: In the purple 3-ring binder, there is a Florida map on page 10.  Students are to complete the map with items listed on the checklist.

-Language Arts: Students should read pages 1 - 12 (don't read ahead!) of the book Rules and complete journal Reading Prompt #1 in the rear of the purple 3-ring binder.  Journal entries will NOT be graded for spelling, punctuation, etc.  Prompts are designed to get students thinking and turning their thoughts into writing, without the stress of proper grammar.  

Have a great week! I look forward to another adventure together next week! Kelli