Lesson 10

Today we viewed different hairs and noted the differences between them.  We also viewed a CSI TV -vs- CSI Reality for use of hair evidence.  Finally, we discussed the midterm project assignment due November 23.

TO DO:  (once you complete the list, you're good to go!)

1)   Watch Forensic Files Season 9, Episode 24 'Northern Exposure'.  This leads us into our next trace evidence study: fibers.  Complete the worksheet while watching the episode (worksheet in red folder).  

2.  Get caught up with any outstanding assignments; submit in class next week.  (You can view assignments in each past lesson on MellowYellow to determine if you have any still due)

3.  Begin working on your midterm project (see assigned topics below).  The November 23 due date will NOT be extended.  If you will not be attending class on November 23, you must submit the assignment ahead of time.