Lesson 10

Today you had the opportunity to investigate a crime scene that was reenacted from an actual case in Hillsborough County.   Thank you for working together within your groups to photograph, sketch and 'collect' evidence.  The medical examiners were very impressed with your thorough investigations and brainstorming, considering the time constraints. 

TO DO:  (once you complete the list, you're good to go!)

1)   Complete the worksheet you started at the crime scene.  Even if you feel your hypothesis is barely an educated guess, you must complete the entire packet with your hypothesis.  We will review our notes in class next week and I will reveal the actual case notes and cause of death.

2)  Write a thank you note to the medical examiners: Ms. Melissa and Ms. Farah.  It can be handwritten or typed.  Please thank them for taking the time to provide you with this activity and mention something specific you 'liked' or 'learned' or 'realized' about the project they presented.  Example: "Thank you for visiting our forensic science class today.  The activity made me realize how difficult it is to predict what happened to a victim."  Please bring the note to class next week and I will mail them all together.

3.  Watch Forensic Files Season 13, Episode 37 'Hundreds of Reasons.'  This crime took place in St. Petersburg, FL!  Complete the worksheet while watching the episode. (see below)