Lesson/Week 10

Yikes!  How are we already in week 10!?!   We are having so much fun learning together!  Science seems to be where we have the most fun ... and the most mishaps!   Lava lamps will need another try next week but shaking our way to butter was so much fun ... and yummy! (if this doesn't make sense, ask your student!) 

FYI - Now that we have 'settled in' ... I have discussed some issues with students that need to be addressed... completing ALL the assignments; doing their best work, not their quickest work; focusing on learning not simply completing; and handwriting neatness.  I will give them the opportunity to 'alter their ways' before I contact you for additional support.  

Today we listened to the audio-book for Chapter 4 of Hatchet; I've been encouraging students to fully engage with each story but creating voices for the characters.  The audio-presenter of this book was well chosen, adding suspense and emphasis to each scene. Students didn't want to stop listening at the end of Chapter 4!   I hope this example shows students how they will be more engaged in the story if they envision each character as a real person.

Homework is attached below; please make sure your student is up-to-date with assignments, as class time becomes a juggling act if only some students are ready to move on to new concepts.  Many thanks, as always, for allowing me to spend time with your children each week!


Lucy didn't have the plasma reading excerpt ... so if your student is missing it too ... I've included it below!  -- Kelli