Lesson 10

Today we talked about 'new hire' employment paperwork, as well as workplace etiquette, including email, telephone, voicemail and co-worker etiquette.  Students should review the paperwork distributed on workplace etiquette and keep in their 'Real Life Skills' binder.


Next we talked about being prepared for emergencies and having an 'emergency' bag packed at all times, as well as emergency paperwork.

Typing.com progress -- Avery & Bethany are 'up-to-date'; Skye & Yamil are 1 lesson behind ... but what happened to EVERYONE ELSE??  Please see assignments under Lesson 9 - and then add lessons noted below!



Students should complete the "Taking Responsibility" packet given in class.  Submit completed assignments from the packet in class next week.  Make sure you hold your student accountable for completing assignments!  Completing tasks on time is a REAL LIFE SKILL!

Typing.com - add lesson for 'D, E, and I' Keys (lesson 3)


Next Monday is the last Monday of the month, so it's time to cook again! We will be preparing Italian Cheese Stuffed Shells!  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me @ kellisandefurteach@gmail.com  

Have a great week!