Lesson 9 - Hair as Evidence

Apparently there was an issue with Mellow Yellow - Lesson 8 from this past week.  It has been fixed.  If you didn't complete the work from Lesson 8, please do so this week and submit in class next week.


Today we discussed what you can learn about a crime scene from various pieces of evidence.  We also discussed the clean up of crime scenes.  Next, we discussed Hair as Evidence and completed the worksheet in the red folder 'Your Hair is so Lovely'.  

Next week we will have a lab and view different types of human and animal hair to recognize the differences.


Finally, we talked about an upcoming project and some students chose their topic.  This project is not due until Monday, November 23; students who were absent today will receive their topic in class next week.


1.  If you missed class today, I have attached the Power Point Presentation as a PDF below.  Please review and take notes on the Your Hair is so Lovely worksheet.  Some information is provided as background data or interesting facts; the topics you need to know for future lessons are listed on the Lovely Hair worksheet.


 2.  Students should go to 'This American Life - Crime Scene 2018' and listen to the PROLOGUE and ACT 1 while completing the worksheets in the red folder labeled 'This American Life - Episode 164: Crime Scene' AND 'Grime Scenes'.  Submit in class next week for graded credit.   Here is a link if needed: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/653/crime-scene-2018.   Remember, you only need to listen to the Prologue and Act 1!

3.  Students should watch Forensic Files: PURRFECT Match and complete the worksheet from the red folder under the same name.  Submit in class next week for credit.