Lesson/Week 9 

Today we reviewed the grammar rules for Capitalizing and Punctuating Titles.  Next, we introduced our next novel study: Hatchet.  We discussed how a tool such as a hatchet can be helpful or harmful.  This is an inspiring story about determination and fortitude; a good lesson for all!

We have a new spelling list; we are on a bi-weekly schedule, rotating between spelling and grammar lessons.  Students will take a quiz on this weeks' list on October 13.

We continue to reinforce the difference between the theme of a story and a summary of the story.

Next, we spent a considerable amount of time reviewing Prime & Composite Numbers; Multiples; Factors and Prime Factors.  We will continue to review this weekly, until students feel more confident about these concepts.  We will continue to review math concepts that were identified as 'understood' but needing additional practice on students' initial evaluation, as well as introduce new concepts.  

We are in Unit 2 of Florida Social Studies/History.  When students finish this unit, we will begin reading The Land Remembered, which will tie together our History and Language Arts unit for that timeframe.

Finally, we all LOVE science time!  We are currently studying the difference between a physical and chemical change.  What we really love are the experiments!  

This weeks' homework assignments are noted below.  Have a great week!