Lesson 9

I didn't forget the quiz paperwork today!  After the students completed the quiz, our 10 a.m. class took a trip to Switzerland and Belgium compliments of A.J.  We learned french fries did not originate in France or the USA ... but in Belgium!  Both Belgium and Switzerland are known for their chocolates.  Belgium is a neutral country, meaning it has declared its non-participation during a war and can not be counted on to fight a belligerent country. Switzerland is home to the Matterhorn Mountain, which is part of the Alps, the largest mountain range in Europe.


In our 1 p.m. class, Alex and Jonathan gave us information about Denmark.  The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and Denmark is home to the main and largest Lego Factory, as well as the largest Legoland Amusement Park.  Lego is 83 years old.  Copenhagen is also home to the Little Mermaid, a sculpture based on the original Little Mermaid fairy tale story by Hans Christian Anderson.

Great way to start our study of European countries!  See the attached list for revised report dates.



Next week we will continue our study of European countries and their location, as well as adding waters surrounding Europe.  In addition to the countries we have studied for the past 2 weeks, students should be able to find the following bodies of water on a map: Mediterranean Sea; Atlantic Ocean; Norwegian Sea; North Sea; Black Sea; Baltic Sea; English Channel; Strait of Gibraltar.  


Students should also be able to identify and locate the countries that are part of the United Kingdom (UK), which are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They should understand that the UK and Great Britain are different; Great Britain only includes England, Scotland and Wales. 

Finally, students should bring a list of the 14 U.K. Overseas Territories under U.K. jurisdiction but located around the world. They do NOT have to be able to locate these on a map, just have a list of them to submit for homework.

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)