Lesson 9

Great team building at the Escape Room on Friday!  One group escaped; the other did not ... but, as they quickly reminded me, they had a more difficult room and one less person!   Regardless, it was great to see our teens work together!

Assignments for the next edition of the Trinity Times are now PAST DUE!  They were due prior to class today!  I need to receive your assignment ASAP!! See the list of outstanding assignments below.   Make sure you and a parent edit before forwarding it to me!   TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com

I will reply to your email once I receive it; if you do not get a reply within 6 hours, something went wrong on your end!  


Read up through Chapter 7 of Atomic Habits; there will be a quiz next week to confirm you have read the assigned chapters!  Nothing tricky; if you have read the chapters, you will do fine!    

Newspaper Assignments Still Outstanding

-Rocco (Music Review)

-Andre (Gift Ideas and New Gadgets for Holiday Season 2020)

-James (Puzzles, Games, Jokes for the 4 upcoming holidays)


-Richard & Ben (Movie Review x 3 - Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas)

-Grace (Disney Holiday Activities)