Lesson 9

Today we FINALLY completed our Zoom Meeting with a Family Law paralegal - Ms. Nicole Pioco.   She provided practical information about her career and great insight for all to consider when choosing a career.   Next, we reviewed the documents students have currently for their transcripts.


1.  Students should write a thank you note to Ms. Pioco. Bring to class next week and I will mail them to her.


2.  Students should create a table in Excel or Word to log their high school classes to date.  Bring a printed copy to class next week and we will edit it.

3.  Leo - check your availability for the following Fridays: October 23 or 30 and November 13.  We will reschedule your chiropractic shadowing for one of these dates.  If these don't work, we will look at other dates.

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)