Lesson 9

Today students had to apply for a bank account (checking, savings, debit card) for JA BizTown.  We discussed how you should use pen on these types of applications in 'real life' but since we are learning, it's pencils!  We also discussed how official applications would require your social security number but that you should NOT give this number to people unless it's in an official capacity (REAL bank application; employment application, etc) and since BizTown is a SIMULATION, we are NOT using social security numbers for their applications!


Please have students practice reciting their address (including zip code) and practice their cursive signature.  


Students should be asking you which financial institution your family utilizes and why you chose it. They should also talk to you about the difference between a savings account and a checking account.  This is a GREAT opportunity for you to talk to them about the importance of saving money for a 'rainy day' or a 'big purchase' for your household or for their future .... college tuition; car; travel ... It is also a GREAT opportunity to discuss the household expenses you have to pay from your checking account ... house mortgage; auto loan; groceries; insurance.... Students will begin to realize how A LOT of money flows our of our households, which requires A LOT of monies coming into the household!