Lesson 9

We were busy today!

1. We discussed how to apply for and open a Bank Account.

2.  We listed reasons for choosing one bank over another.   

3. We reviewed how you should use pen on these types of applications in 'real life' but since we are learning, we will use pencils!  

4. We also discussed how official applications would require your social security number but that you should NOT give this number to people unless it's in an official capacity (REAL bank application; employment application, etc).

5. Finally we decided it is best to use 'print handwriting' on these forms in all areas except the signature line, which is 'cursive handwriting'.


1.  Please have students practice writing their address (including zip code) and practice their cursive signature.  

2.  Students should complete their 'mock' bank application.  They should also complete the worksheet asking them to list reasons to choose a bank and understanding when money is being deposited and withdrawn. These worksheets were added to their notebooks in class today.  They are attached below for those students who were absent today or if you want to verify which worksheets should be completed.