Week/Lesson 8

Today we learned how to measure angles with a protractor.  Students were given a protractor to take home; it should return to them for class each week as we continue to study angles.

Students completed the Unit 1 Florida History quiz.  We have now moved on to Unit 2.  

Some students seemed to struggle with the difference between a story summary and the theme.  We discussed this in depth and hopefully clarified any uncertainties.  Please take the time to review and discuss this particular section of Language Arts with your student.  We also learned how to properly capitalize and punctuate titles!

Finally, we moved into a new science study: physical and chemical changes and reactions.  To start this unit, we completed an experiment with candies, sodas and balloons!  Students had more questions at the end of the experiment, so next week we will alter the types of sodas and candies to see if the reaction is similar or different!

See homework on the attachment below.  Next week we jump into our next novel study: The Hatchet