Lesson 8

Our day started with students in 'tears' ... I brought the incorrect packet of quizzes with me today and thus, no European country quiz.  We quickly recovered and talked about ordering currency for our European travels; notifying credit card(s) of travel destinations and ensuring it is a 'world' card; and passports.  

Next, I showed students a sample European travel presentation with a 'lack-luster' powerpoint display (good photos and information; bad transitions between slides!)

Finally, we talked about the progress on each students' travel plans.


1.  Study location of the following countries: Portugal; Spain; France; Germany; Italy; Greece; Norway; Sweden; Finland; Russia;  Iceland; Ireland; United Kingdom; Denmark; Netherlands; Belgium; Poland; Ukraine.  We will have a quiz next week.  As with the state quizzes, most questions will be multiple choice.

2.  Have the beginning stages of your travel plans complete for my review (except A.J. who is giving his report next week!)   Travel dates should be established; means of transportation to and from your assigned country (airline; cruise); and at least the names of the cities you will visit.  If time allows, start to research tours within these cities and/or landmarks you will visit.  Please bring computers/IPads to class. (phones don't work for these types of projects)

3.  Please review the attachment; it includes assigned presentation dates and NEW FOOD DAY.  I have been asked to move it to November 18 (our last class before Thanksgiving break). We will have a European buffet and trivia contest!


In addition, the time allowance for the oral report has been extended by a few minutes if needed.   ++Parents - if the assigned presentation date does not work, please let me know ASAP!++

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)