Lesson 8

Today we discussed how to be an actor/actress and respond to the character you are playing.  Remember, when you are a character, you play the role.  You are no longer Kaitlyn, Ethan, Rachel, Finn, Taylor, Kailey, Tahra, Hallee, Lilly, Reid, Jacque .... you are the personality of the character!


The scripts for our "Who Did It?" Mini-Film are done...maybe not 'perfected' but done enough!  Attached are the scripts for each 'acting group'.   You need to memorize the lines for your assigned character.


Rachel, Tahra and Kailey - you should download the script labeled 'The Case of Buddy'.  It is the first PDF files below.   Rachel = Patrick.  Tahra = Ms. Carney.  Kailey - Ms. Dinah.


Kaitlyn, Finn, Ethan and Taylor - you should download the script for 'Trinity Murder'. It is the second PDF below.  Kaitlyn = Best Friend Emma.  Finn = Classmate Liam.  Ethan = Rival Noah.  Taylor = Sibling Olivia.


Reid, Lilly, Hallee and Jacque - you should download the script for 'Murder of Candace'.  It is the DocX below.  Reid = Science Teacher.  Lilly = Best Friend .  Hallee = Janitor.  Jacque = Bully.


See you next week!