Lesson 7

Today we wrapped up our study of the United States BUT PLEASE don't let them stop studying and reviewing the states!  Repetition is key!

We are moving on to Europe! Students picked countries to study and travel to ... so, let the planning begin! Please see the attachment 


-Students need to learn the location of the following countries: Portugal; Spain; France; Germany; Italy; Greece; Norway; Sweden; Finland.  We will start class next week with a quiz. A labeled and blank map are attached below; please print for students to study and practice.

-Students should begin researching their assigned country/countries by deciding what time of year they want to plan their trip (based on desired weather/special events); looking into airlines that offer service to the country; looking into cities/landmarks they wish to visit; deciding what historical event to include; etc. The attachment gives more specifics, as well as a list of presentation dates and assigned countries.

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)