Lesson 7

1. We have confirmed a team building outing to an Escape Room! Friday, October 9 at 6 p.m. We need to confirm the number of participants by this Friday, October 2.  Please check with your parents and contact me if you CAN NOT make it; if I don't hear from you, I will include you in the list of those attending!  (Emily has already advised she can not make it.). The rest of you will be included in the confirmation unless I hear from you by Friday!  


Please bring $20 to class next week to cover the cost of the Escape Room.  Many thanks to Jedd for contacting several local Escape Room venues to find one that met our needs!


2.  Ansley volunteered to make candy goodie bags for our group to sell next week as a fundraising activity.  All proceeds (after expenses are paid) will offset the cost of the Escape Room.  Below are the shifts you are assigned to sell candy in the lobby NEXT MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY (October 5 & 7).  YOU MUST COMPLETE your shifts if you want to receive credit toward the Escape Room.  Next week is bring your dad to school week; convince the dads to buy candy for their son or daughter😂

***Ben, Richard, Drew, James and Jeanete - Please email me your availability for Monday and Wednesday candy sales.***


You should be working on your newspaper assignments NOW and emailing them to TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com.    Please PROOF your article and have someone else review it too!  Your work needs to be submitted with no errors!