Lesson 7

-Sounds like homecoming was a hit!  Prom tickets are on sale and approaching sell-out!  Purchase tickets ASAP!


-Time to start planning our November Issue of the Trinity Times.  This issue will cover Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Come to class next week with article ideas!


-We are collecting cards/notes and supplies to send to a service member who visited Trinity last year.  He is currently serving in Afghanistan for his 3rd tour.  Next week, bring a note thanking him for his service and bring some items to include in the package -- pretzels; Pringles; K-Cups (for Keurig Coffee Makers); Triscuits; Mio (water flavoring); Cookies; Dried Fruit.


See notes above for items due next week.  Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)