Lesson 7

Today we worked on ID cards; students understand they need a photo identification card for banking. (Our ID cards consist of an index card with their name, address, and signature; photos were taken to complete the card.)  We discussed that banking paperwork is normally completed in 'ink/pen' instead of 'lead/pencil' ... but since we are learning, pencil it is!  In addition, students understand that all work needs to be completed in 'print' ; only their signature is in cursive.  (We practiced cursive signatures too!)  


Next we studied and viewed currency!  The $1; $5; $10; $20; $50 and $100 US bills, as well as Euros, Danish Krone, Pounds; Pesos... we talked about counterfeit monies and changes to currency to add security measures.



Students should complete the (3) currency pages in their green folder (last 3 pages).  They will need the attached document to complete this assignment; please print and add it to their notebook.