Lesson 6

Today we took more trips across the country and we all are ready to pack our bags to go!  Students are planning wonderful activities; staying within budget; and confidently sharing their travel plans in front of the class!  We went to Virginia with Ethan; Colorado with Jacob; California with Maddie; Georgia with Finn; Montana with Luke; Wyoming with Jonah; and North Carolina with Owen.  Mace and his family just returned from a road trip to Montana and Wyoming, so he was able to share their actual expenses (driving in a bus getting 7 miles/gallon!), as well as photos from their hikes and adventures!  


Technology kept Zane from telling us about his trip to Tennessee but once we hear about it next week and tackle the ALL 50 state quiz, we are moving out of North America.  Don't fret, we will return at the end of the school year to plan adventures in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Central America.  (We start the school year 'local' to ease students into the class and we end the school year 'somewhat local' to bring us back closer to home.)


Study for the 50 state quiz, including state names, location and capitals.  Practice! Review! Print the blank map below and quiz yourself!

Write a list of 5 things you learned while planning your state trip.  Turn this list in during class next week. 

Our next continent is Europe.  If your student has traveled to any countries in Europe, they may share their travel experiences with the class for their next report BUT they must also include a country they haven't visited to round-out their study of Europe and their trip.  More details to follow after class next week!