Lesson 6

Today we reviewed business resources (natural, capital and human), as well as all of the concepts we have studied so far this year.  Then students took a quiz to ensure they understand these concepts and are ready to move forward.

It was a BIG moment when students received their official Citizens Guide for BizTown!  As I cautioned students, it is their responsibility to take care of this 'book' and the condition of their book reflects their commitment to being a good citizen.  

STUDENTS SHOULD NOT COMPLETE ANY PAGES OF THIS GUIDE UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY ME TO DO SO!!  It is important that we follow the Junior Achievement study guide so that all students are learning concepts and skills in a consistent manner.  


-Students should complete the "Scarce/Not Scarce" worksheet located in their CLASS NOTEBOOK (green folder).  

-Students should NOT complete any pages in their BizTown Citizens Guide.

-Please mark your calendars; our BizTown simulation date is Monday, April 20, 2020.  


Thanks - Have a great week!