Lesson 6

Today we talked about the value of currency and a little history behind methods of currency. We discussed how we often don't place enough 'value' in coins; we toss change between the seats of our car or into the bottom of a purse.  While coins are heavy and bulky to carry around in large quantities, they still have value!

To reiterate this lesson,  we completed an exercise that is always a class favorite.  We counted my family change bucket.  First students guessed the value of the coins would total.  Students guessed: $20; $19.99; $17; $25; $41.28; $21.  I then guessed $100.  They thought I was crazy!

Students learned how to make piles valued at $1 to make counting easier and learned 4 quarters = $1; 10 dimes = $1; 20 nickels = $1 and 100 pennies = $1. We found some currency from other countries in my bucket and discussed how each have different values in the countries that utilize them.  


Final Tally = $221.11 


Students should read the information about the $1 bill and then answer the 3 pages about US Currency.  Have a great week!