Lesson 5

Today we learned about approaching and analyzing a crime scene - the 7 Steps.  Then we participated in an activity to find a murderer based on information provided by alibis.  PLEASE NOTE: A portion of your grade for this course is class participation.  Actively participating means you work to achieve the goal of each activity; you don't try to google online sources that may provide the answers for each activity.  Consider this your 'friendly' warning; if you choose not to participate, you are choosing a '0' for that days' class participation grade. 

TO DO:  (once you complete the list, you're good to go!)

1)  Download and complete the attached worksheet on Forensic Careers.  You may choose any career within the field to research: forensic investigator; medical examiner; latent fingerprint examiner; forensic science technician; forensic ballistic expert; blood splatter analyst; polygraph examiner; forensic document examiner; forensic toxicologist ... or any other that you find to research.   Submit in class next week.

2) Study for our first quiz; all information covered to date will be included on the quiz.  IF YOU HAVE A LAPTOP OR IPAD, please charge it and bring to class next week.  I am experimenting with an online platform that will allow you to complete quizzes digitally.  I will have back-up paper quizzes in case you do not have a computer to bring with you.

2)  Be prepared to approach a crime scene after the quiz.  You will be analyzing and sketching it.  Your final sketch and notes will be submitted for a grade.

See you next week!