Lesson 5

How did you do on the A - H state quiz? If you struggled, practice this week!


Great Reports Today!  We enjoyed traveling to Texas with Gavriela; Oregon with Tobi and Ohio with Parker ... these students had friends/family in their chosen state and their trips may become a reality to actually visit friends/family!  

We also enjoyed traveling to New York with Victoria; Montana/Wyoming with Skye; Washington - the state and D.C. with Johnny & Chandler; California with Heidi; and Hawaii with Carter!

These state reports have given you student confidence in their public speaking abilities, as well as working with power-point presentations!  They take pride in their work and enjoy sharing their own travel experiences to different states!  Congratulate their progress!



Review states beginning with the letters A - H and add states I - N.  Remember to learn the state name, capital and location on a blank map.  Quiz on 9/23.


Final State Reports (September 23)

Maddi: California

Jacob: Colorado

Ethan: VIrginia

Jonathan: Alaska

Mace: Idaho & 

Jonah: Wyoming

Luke P.: Montana

Alex: South Dakota

Owen: North Carolina

Zane: Tennessee