Lesson 5

Today we 'celebrated' our first issue of the Trinity Times!  CONGRATULATIONS!  Now we begin working on the next issue!  It will be our 'Halloween; Thanksgiving; Christmas and New Years' issue!   It will be AWESOME because YOU are AWESOME!  Assignments are listed below; some are still pending and will be decided next week!

We also began our study of Atomic Habits.  This can and will have a big impact on your life!  See you next week!


Please read Chapters 2 and 3 in Atomic Habits.  

Following are the newspaper assignments; any not assigned will be discussed next week.  Our publisher & graphic designer this issue .... Ethan Wilson! As a senior, this is a great way to showcase 

Emily: Pumpkin Pie & Cookie Recipe                 Jeanette: Candy Review

Rocco:  Music Review                                     A.J.: Holiday Music Review

Drew: Restaurant Review                                 Patrick: Dyslexia ... how to handle

Jedd:  Book Review                                         Grace: Disney Holidays .. this year

Andre:  Games, Puzzles and more ... Oh My!  

Gavriela: Hanukkah: trying to celebrate with Christmas Trees and Santa everywhere

Richard & Ben:  Movie Review x 3!  Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas!  

James, Ansley & Rachel -- Think of Ideas!