Lesson 32

Our LAST lesson!?!  While it's been an unpredictable year, I have many fond memories.  Please watch the attached video and complete this FINAL homework assignment!!


Take one of the lessons we learned this year and videotape yourself putting the lesson to use!  Maybe you are applying for a job; videotape the application you complete or the new hire paperwork you complete.  Introduce yourself with a confident handshake; tie a tie; set a casual or formal table; make a phone call using proper phone etiquette; send an email using proper email etiquette; write a check and record it in your check register; fight off 'stranger danger' with a self-defense move; bake or cook something; do laundry; open a bank account; write checks; type a letter; write a letter in cursive; wrap a package; write a thank-you note; tell someone the dangers of vaping; purchase a car; rent an apartment (no..too soon for that!).   YOU decide the lesson; record it and send it to me via text (727-481-7990) or email attachment (kellisandefurteach@gmail.com)


Have a great summer!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)