LessLeon 4

Lesson 4

Today we discussed Crime Scene Basics: the people involved in a crime; types of evidence and crime scene personnel.  Next you categorized sample evidence in the Unit it would be sent to for evaluation and testing.

Reminder:  No class next week, September 7 (Labor Day)

Homework:  Your Criminology and Forensic Timeline project is due on Monday, September 14.  If you are presenting your work in a powerpoint, please have it loaded on your CHARGED laptop and bring to class.  If you are presenting on a presentation board, you may store it in my room earlier in the day if needed.  At class time, we will place everyones' completed project around the room, so we can view, enjoy and learn from each!

++Events can include significant or interesting cases/trials; advancements in technology or science that impacted Forensic Science ... be creative as you gather information!  This is your project!

++Pictures are strongly encouraged!  They make the presentation more interesting!  Pictures can be on the powerpoint slides with the date/information or printed and placed around the presentation board timeline. 

++Remember to provide a works cited page!  It can be separate from your presentation board/powerpoint but is required.