Lesson 4

Today we learned about several states as classmates shared their travel plans and activities in their chosen state.  

Morning Class:

Great job A.J. (Texas) -- nice sound effects and fragile budgeting!  We learned that Texas has been governed by 6 different nations and that's how the amusement park "Six Flags" got their name!

Reid had an advantage before even starting his report, as he traveled to OHIO!  He visited the state capital, Columbus, and enjoyed the activities the city has to offer.  Great job Reid!!

Afternoon Class:

Duncan has no desire to visit New Jersey after studying and planning travel there; I guess that's a lesson learned?  He also managed to avoid researching restaurants by planning to eat at Chick-fil-A for every meal (doubling up on his Saturday order to save for Sunday since they are closed!)  We learned that the New York Giants football field is actually in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Hopefully your next trip is one you actually want to take!

Bethany took advantage of the many activities offered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She planned a fun trip and we all agreed we would like to visit Salt Lake City!  Thanks Bethany!

Drew took us to our nation's capital!  He was able to enjoy the many museums and monuments available to tour at no cost.  Couple this with the great weather and we all want to go (or go again!)  Way to go Drew!

Izzy made the most of her budget and time in the big apple!  She planned a trip filled with activities that appeal to everyone and hit all the main attractions!  She took advantage of Metro Cards and City Tour Cards to make it all possible ... and she spent all of her $5000 budget!   Too bad her sister didn't get included in the trip :) Great Job Izzy!

Heidi was ready to take us to California but we had technical difficulties!  We will work to get these resolved and start off next week with her adventure!


See the attached list of state reports due in the upcoming weeks.  If your laptop does not have an HDMI outlet, email your presentation to me no later than Sunday evening!  KelliSandefurTeach@gmail.com

Quiz: Please learn the names, capitals and location of the states beginning with letters A - H.  That's only 11 states!  You can do it!  The quiz will be quick if you know this information.  Attached is a labeled map and a blank map to use for practice.