Lesson 4

Today we distributed the first edition of the Trinity Times for the 2019-2020 school year!  Congratulations!  Make sure you keep a copy for your portfolios!


Next we 'brainstormed' themes for the Middle School Dance.  Remember, planning, promoting, coordinating and chaperoning this event is a requirement for this class!  It's a fun event that quite honestly I think you will enjoy more than the middle schoolers!  After voting for the top three themes, we've asked Luke, Sophie, Ben and Ethan to get feedback from the Community Service group who will be helping us with the dance.  


The themes are :

Hollywood (with red carpet; photographers; and Walk of Fame with students' names on their own stars!)

New York City: with mock Times Square and Statue of Liberty for photo ops!

Space: with stars and planets and ??


No homework this week.