Lesson 4

Today we reviewed the difference between coupons, gift cards and rebates. We chose a menu for our next cooking class - Karis brought a recipe for blueberry pancakes and James convinced us he is the "King" of pancakes. We decided we will have the option of blueberry and chocolate chips and of course syrup and whipped cream!  We will make (and eat) this recipe on Monday, September 30.


Next we discussed applying for a job!  Reid told us about his job at Publix and it inspired us to talk about completing a job application; having a professional greeting/message on your voicemail; having a professional email address; references; the importance of keeping a clean online image ... lots to consider when applying for a job!

Next week we will have a guest presenter teaching us self defense techniques! Please dress accordingly!


Please complete the attached job application for Chick-fil-A!  Even if you already have a job, it's good practice completing this form.  Submit the completed application in class next week.

James - you need to list the ingredients for your pancakes and budget for each item.  Bring to class next week.  We will assign a different item for each student to contribute.

Reminder - Self Defense Class Next Week!