Lesson/Week 30

Full speed ahead!  It's hard to believe we only have (2) weeks left together! We are still working hard and TRYING to stay focused!  See homework recap below.  

*You will notice math homework will be a review of all the concepts we covered this year, along with a review of concepts students should already know.  This will allow me to offer suggestions for summer activities.  

*In Language Arts, students will be finishing their chosen books and offering us a 'book review' on the last day of class.  They will also being writing in their journals and completing any unfinished work.

*We will be tackling some fun science projects and continuing our Jeopardy challenges to review and reinforce concepts.

*There have been some questions about the Florida History project.  Students may write journal entries about personal experiences at destinations or fictional trips based on research of destinations.  There should be a total of 10 journal entries & pictures of destinations (2 per region; 5 regions).  Then students log the destinations on the map; determine a route to visit all destinations; calculate mileage and gas budget. Obviously mileage doesn't have to be exact and gas prices per gallon don't have to be exact.  This project allows students to learn how math, history, geography .... are all related and are all needed in real life! I want them to enjoy the project! 

*I know The Land Remembered was not a favorite reading for all students but it is important for them to finish it.  It really is a good story to make Florida History real.