Lesson 29

Today you finalized the crime scenes you will present to classmates next week.  


-Make sure you have all the supplies for your crimes scene and be ready to create it quickly at the beginning of class next week.  If you can arrive early, please do so!  Then be prepared to document and analyze on of your classmates' scenes for graded credit.

**If you have any assignments you haven't submitted, do so next week!  Assignments will NOT be accepted after April 26**

***The calendar for the 2020/2021 school year incorporated 33 weeks; 32 instructional weeks and 1 teacher missed class.  As of now, our 32nd class meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 3; this will be our last class of the school year.   If your student has classes with me on Wednesdays, I had a missed day in September due to a death in the family.  Therefore, the last Wednesday for my classes will be May 12.**