Lesson 28

Today (April 8) we heard about the O.J. Simpson case; great job Kaitlyn and Taylor providing information on this baffling forensic scene.  

Next we worked on a Blood Spatter Lab.  Please finish the packet and submit in class next week.

Finally, we viewed evidence from a Forensic Lab (fingerprints, lip prints, DNA, blood cells) and used the evidence to find the perpetrator.  

Homework (Due April 15)

-Complete the Blood Spatter Lab Packet.

-Work on your final project presentation or crime scene.

Schedule for Final Projects:

**Please have presentations ready at the beginning of class.  Time allotted for each presentation - 5/7 minutes (10 max).  Remember to include pictures and video clips if possible.**

Ryan - Nathan Dunlap (April 15)

Lauren - Casey Anthony (April 15)

Bethany - Jack the Ripper (April 15)

Josh - Ted Bundy (April 15)

Sophia - Cyber Crime (April 15)

Crime Scene Processing Will Take 2 Class Periods.  April 22 the scene will be set up for groups to take photos; sketch and process evidence.  April 29 groups will review the evidence, completing lab work as necessary to solve the case!

Myles & Matthew - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

James, Ethan & Evan - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

Jett, Blaze & Joseph - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

May 6: Final Class - Forensic Jeopardy (Final Exam:)