Lesson 28

Today you worked to solve the time of death of victim Zelda Smith.  If you did not finish in class, finish for homework and submit in class next week for credit.

Today you also were assigned groups and talked about the crime scene you will will stage for your classmates to investigate and solve.  Bring any supplies discussed and be ready to create your scene next week in class (Monday, April 12).  After your scene is set, you will take measurements, photos and create the necessary documents for your classmates to use in their investigation.  Then you will tear down your scene.

On Monday, April 19, you will recreate your scene (more quickly this week since you've had a trial run) and turn it over to your fellow classmates/detectives.  You will each work (1) crime scene that is created.  You will document the scene and use the evidence to solve the crime!  

This project is a big part of your final grade!  Bring your "A" game!  You will be graded on the set-up of your crime scene with 'good' evidence AND on documenting and investigating the crime scene of your classmates.

Monday, April 26:  You will solve the case of the Missing Boy.

Monday, May 3:  Last class (see note below).  Final Exam covering all topics from this year!

Homework Due Monday, April 12:

1.  As noted above, please bring any supplies discussed for your crime scene.

2.  Complete the Decomposition 101 Worksheet given in class.  Submit for credit.

3.  There will be a quiz covering arson, toxicology and document forensic topics, as well as body decomposition and autopsies at the beginning of class on April 12.

***The calendar for the 2020/2021 school year incorporated 33 weeks; 32 instructional weeks and 1 teacher missed class.  As of now, our 32nd class meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 3; this will be our last class of the school year.   If your student has classes with me on Wednesdays, I had a missed day in September due to a death in the family.  Therefore, the last Wednesday for my classes will be May 12.**