Lesson 28

Nice to have Jackson's "Grandma" visiting our class today!  She got to view the billboards created by students and hear the pros and cons of each advertisement.  Students did great with this project!  It's a learning experience!

Next, she watched as students brainstormed business names for our classroom venture which will take place Tuesday, April 27. (Have you marked your calendar? 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.).  


Once they finished brainstorming, we eliminated some names and then students voted on their choice for the business name.  The 'winner':  Dog Donuts.  We discussed how a business name can mislead customers as to the items being sold but I was quickly reminded of the successful business "Duck Donuts".

Students were assigned products to research and should be prepared to report their findings in class next week (see notes below).  


The following students should contact their assigned pizza shop (the one closest to Trinity) and get pricing for a large cheese pizza and the number of slices in a large pizza.  Students should ask if they offer a discount for school functions.

Anna:  Papa Johns

Pizza Hut: Jack

Dominos: Silas

Hungry Howies: Justus

The following students should check pricing for a dozen donuts from the bakery of the following stores and contact the store to inquire about discounts for school functions.

Dunkin Donuts: Sophie

Krispy Kreme: Jackson

Publix: Brennan 

Costco: Titus

See you next week!

***The calendar for the 2020/2021 school year incorporated 33 weeks; 32 instructional weeks and 1 teacher missed class.  As of now, our 32nd class meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 3; this will be our last class of the school year.   If your student has classes with me on Wednesdays, I had a missed day in September due to a death in the family.  Therefore, the last Wednesday for my classes will be May 12.**