Lesson 27

Today we learned more about Forensic Anthropology.  Very interesting field of study.

Homework: (Due in Class Monday, April 8)

1. Write a thank you note to Mrs. Liotta Dowdy.  Thank her for taking the time to help us understand the work of a Forensic Anthropologist and refer to something specific you learned from her presentation.

2.  Print and complete the attached worksheet while you watch Forensic Files:Headquarters

(Season 10; Episode 6).


Next week we will complete a lab and study of blood splatter.  In addition, we will have our first end-of-the-year presentation on a 'recent' case.  For all 'recent case' presentations, your time limit is 10 minutes.  As the crimes are 'recent', please include some audio/video clips in your presentation. 


*** If your final project is creating a crime scene, you also need to plan to spend a few minutes extra at the end of class on April 8 to meet with your group to discuss the details and delegate responsibilities.  ***


Following is what I have noted for final projects:

Kaitlyn & Taylor - O.J. Simpson (April 8)

Ryan - Nathan Dunlap (April 15)

Lauren - Casey Anthony (April 15)

Bethany - Jack the Ripper (April 15)

Josh - Ted Bundy (April 15)

Kayda - Issac (April 15)

Myles & Matthew - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

James, Ethan & Evan - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

Jett, Blaze & Joseph - Crime Scene (April 22/29)

Isabella & Sophia - TBD