Lesson 26

Today we watched "The Wronged Man," movie based on a true story through the Innocence Project.  This man spent 21 years in jail before being freed; all due to the relentless work of a paralegal who volunteered her time to his case.  How many other innocent people are in jail but don't have the fortune of having someone dedicate hours and years to help prove their innocence..?? 

In class you received a packet entitled "Forensic Document Analysis."  See due date below.

Please email me with your choice of final project no later than March 27.  Options for final project:

1.  Work with a small group to create a crime scene for other classmates to investigate and attempt to solve.  If this is your choice for the final project, I will send you the document to plan the evidence and crime scene.  If you want to choose your group, please let me know the group members (no more than 3 students per group).  If you do not have a group, I will assign you one.  

2.  Research a criminal case to present to the class (O.J. Simpson Trial & Casey Anthony Trial have already been selected.)   Email me with your topic for approval and due date.


Monday, March 18:  No Class (Spring Break)

Monday, March 25: No Class (I am at BizTown).  During this week, please review the "Forensic Document Analysis" packet noted above and answer the questions.  In addition, please print and complete the attached document (Forensic Anthropology).  Submit both of these assignments in class on Monday, April 1.  

Wednesday, March 27: Deadline for emailing your choice for the final project. 

Monday, April 1:    USF Presentation by the Anthropology Department.  Forensic Document Analysis homework due.

Monday, April 8:   Blood Splatter Lab!  and O.J. Simpson Presentation

April 15:  Casey Anthony + Additional Presentations

April 22 - 29: Mock Crime Scenes