Lesson 26

As we return from an extended Spring Break, I am sad we won't be traveling together in-person.  Traveling in general is strongly discouraged right now (bad timing for our class!).  There is a video link attached to this lesson, please view the video for verbal updates and assignments.

After viewing the video, proceed with this class ...

1.  Print the 'final' African Country Quiz attached below.  Please complete and return to me via text photo; scan and email attachment; USPS mail ... whatever is best for you! (contact information below)  If you are unsure as to what countries you need to be able to identify on the map, return to Lesson 25; review and then take the quiz.

2.  Submit your final Africa projects (country fact sheets) and Current Event following the same options as under #1. If you are wondering what these assignments are, go back to Lesson 25.  


1.  Make sure you have completed tasks noted above.  Then print The Amazing Race project; map; and quiz schedule.

Contact Information:  Cell (727-481-7990); Email (kellisandefurteach@gmail.com).  Let me know if you want mailing information.

Attachment Labels:

African Country Quiz         Amazing Race Project                  Maps & Info                 Schedule/Due Dates