Lesson 26

Welcome back!  We have a full schedule for our last weeks together!

1.  Check your calendar (with your parents); see if Friday, April 23 works for our last group outing.  Following the vote today, it was unanimously decided to return to Top Golf!  This outing will be Trinity's treat, as a thank you for hosting an AMAZING middle school dance last month!  Golf, snacks and lunch afterward will be provided.  Please let me know next week in class if you are available to attend.

2. Rachel is tackling the yearbook project (thanks Rachel).  Please email any photos you have from this school year to be considered to include in the yearbook.  We will start selling them to students in the beginning of April, with a hopeful delivery the first week of May.

3.  The final edition of the Trinity Times is in the works: following are assignments.  Please email to TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com no later than April 5!  

Patrick: Top 10 Staycation Ideas for Summer                      Rocco: Tampa Bay Sports ... Can they do it again?

Andre:  Movie Review.                                                    Jedd: Music Review

AJ:  College Basketball Recap                                          Gavriela: Jokes

Ethan: Puzzle (focus on summer)                                       Emily: Summer Vacation Ideas (NOT Staycation)

Ansley: Sr. Highlight Ben Mitchell                                      Drew:  Pictures and quotes from Grandparents week!  

Grace: Sr. Highlight Ethan Wilson                                    James & Jeanette - TBD

Gabby:  Sr. Highlight - Michael McDonough 


As noted above, newspaper articles ASAP! 

Keep healthy!  Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)