Lesson 26

Miss you all and will be checking in via video next week!  For now, I want you to complete your newspaper assignments!  Our newspaper program has the option of delivering the paper 'online' and I think our school community would enjoy receiving this last edition for this school year!  When times are 'tough', some sense of 'normal' is appreciated!  


That being said, we may need to alter our assignments to 'mesh' with the change in our school year!  I don't think we can do an article about 'what are you doing this summer or next year?', when students/families don't know what they are doing tomorrow, next week or next month!  Yet, I don't want to focus on the 'negative' of this situation.  Mrs. Corey is collecting stories from alumni, students, teachers and parents as Trinity Homeschool Co-Op celebrates its 10th year!  That would be a something to include!  Maybe the puzzle has some funny 'things students can do while quarantined'.  An article showcasing graduates that won't get to enjoy a graduation ceremony.... You get the idea.  Easter articles are still relevant!  New classes offered at Trinity next year are relevant.  A sports article about how sports fans are struggling without any sports to watch is relevant.


Be a leader!  Choose a topic; write an article; send it to me!  TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com     




As noted above, newspaper articles ASAP! 

Keep healthy!  Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)