Lesson 26

This week we had our final class before our J.A. BizTown simulation.  The students were introduced to the parent volunteer(s) who will be helping facilitate their business operation.  Many thanks, in advance, to John Ray (Isabella's dad); Halyn Hughes (Laele's mom); Beth Lulgjuraj (Zoey's mom); and Jeanette Singleton (Ansley's mom).  These parents have volunteered for a chaotic (and rewarding) experience and we sincerely appreciate it!


Next, the students tended to some last minute business requirements.  We then had a 'speed round' of check writing and check register entries.  Finally, we went through what to expect from our BizTown Day. (as we have for the past 25 weeks!)   Here are some reminders for you (and them!):  


-Girls shouldn't wear prom dresses or high heels :)   Students should wear what I call 'church clothes' with comfortable shoes and comfortable but 'nice' clothes.  Students will sit on the floor of the town for a meeting, so keep this in mind.  No blue jeans; No shorts; No 'new' shoes that will cause blisters!


-When students arrive (between 8:45 - 8:55 a.m.), remember to walk them into the building.  They are then 'good to go' until pick-up time at 1:00 p.m.


-Students are NOT allowed to bring cell phones or backpacks.  If you need to reach me or your student, my cell phone number is 727-481-7990.  Please understand, I will not have easy access to my phone, as I need to set a good example!  I will take plenty of pictures to share. 


-I will have everything students need for their BizTown day (pencil, checkbook).  They DO NOT need their Citizen's Guide.   This is usually a panic point on the drive to BizTown. So, once again, they do not need to bring anything with them.


-When the day starts, they will get a briefing and then sent to their businesses to get ready to open for the day!  There will be lists for each of them as to what they are to accomplish.  Remember, J.A. BizTown operates on a daily basis and they are very well organized!  They want your student to succeed!


-When the students get the opportunity to be 'citizens', they will deposit their paychecks and go shopping!   While we all know it is important to 'save'  money, in BizTown, we need students to SPEND.  Otherwise, the simulation can't be successful.  Businesses don't make money and can't pay off their loans.  So please remind students that it is 'ok' to spend their money!


-Also remind students to record their transactions in their check register.  We don't want their debit card to be declined or a check to bounce!  


-Students will have 'BizTown' monies to buy their morning snack, as well as lunch.  (If you choose to send lunch with your student, please remember there isn't a microwave or refrigeration available.)  


-At the end of the day, expect students to be exhilarated, as well as exhausted!  


 Your students are ready!  They have practiced and prepared; they should be proud of themselves!  You should be proud of them!    I am so proud of them!   That being said, they are going to panic!  It happens every year.   I'm sorry but I know you will be able to reassure them and calm their young nerves.  If needed, I have attached a BizTown check and check register.  Ask them to record a deposit for $5.00; ask them to write a check to Publix for $1.00.  Ask them to record it in their register.   Sometimes it just makes them feel better to practice one last time!


Remember, drop-off between 8:45 - 8:55 a.m. on  March 25 at J.A. BizTown (13707 N. 22nd St. Tampa).  




Mrs. Kelli