Lesson 26

The question of the hour .... has our J.A. BizTown simulation been cancelled?  The answer?  As of now, no.  Until we have an official notice, let's focus on the POSITIVE and continue to prepare!


I know the past week has been CRAZY, so before moving forward, please make sure you/your student has completed all the work assigned in Lesson 25!

Once you have confirmed they completed both assignments from Lesson 25, they can then move on to this lesson!  

Here is the recording of the lesson for students to view:  



During the recording you/your student should have completed page 56 in the Citizens Guide.  

1.  For homework, students are to complete page 57 of their Citizen Guide.

2.  Students should also complete the "Check it Out" activities attached below, utilizing the check register, checks and deposit tickets on pages 77 - 84 of their Citizens Guide.