Lesson 25

Today we started with an activity to show how forensic anthropologists can predict a person's height based on the length of the bones they find.   Please print and complete the attached worksheet (DocX) to reinforce this concept.  This should be submitted for homework next week (March 11)

Next, we worked on analyzing evidence found at a crime scene (Case of the Missing Boy).  Once you created a possible scenerio and suspect based on the evidence, you were given a list of suspects and asked to explain how your final conclusion (with suspect identity) differed from your original theory.  Please complete this packet and submit for homework next week (March 11).  


IF you missed class today, please print the worksheets for this project (it is the .pdf).   YOU MUST COMPLETE PAGES 1 - 6 WITHOUT LOOKING AT PAGES 7 - 8.  I WILL KNOW, BASED ON YOUR ANSWERS, IF YOU LOOKED AHEAD!  ONCE PAGES 1 - 6 ARE COMPLETE, INCORPORATE PAGES 7 - 8.


IF you did not complete the "Death Online" homework from last week, please do so this week and submit next week.


Looking Ahead: 

March 11, 2019

We will view a movie with a 'forensic' twist.  As discussed, please arrive to class on time and plan on staying until 2:45 p.m.  Movie snacks will be provided.   You will be sent home with information for choosing your final project!  

March 18, 2019

No class - Spring Break

March 25, 2019

No class (I have Biztown).  YOU MUST CHECK ON Mellow Yellow Education WEEK 26 for work that will be assigned to be completed and submitted on April 1. (no, this is NOT an April Fool's Joke!) This is not homework during Spring Break.  It is work to be done during the week of March 25 when we don't have class.

April 1, 2019

USF Presentation by the Anthropology Department.

April 8, 2019

Blood Splatter Lab! 

April 15 - 29, 2019

Mock Crime Scenes and Presentations!!