Lesson 25

Today we enjoyed African Rice & Beans; many thanks to Bethany Call for helping me test this recipe. Several students wanted to make the recipe at home. If your student makes this recipe, send me a picture and I will award extra credit!  The recipe is attached.


Next, some students tackled building a great pyramid. Others competed in a United States and Africa Connections BINGO game, highlighting the many connections we have with Africa through trade and history.  A list of some of these connections is attached; please have students review.

Finally, we discussed how many of our perceptions about Africa are negative and limited to the media coverage or mission trips.  Students should watch the  (2) TED Talks with links under the homework section and then research a 'positive' current event from Africa.  Students should then complete the attached worksheet referencing their current event.


1.  Students should review the Africa connections worksheet (attached)

2.  Students should watch these TED talks:



3.  Students should research a current event in Africa with a positive message and complete the attached worksheet.  

(Attachments from left to right:  Africa maps/country quiz schedule/ workbook assignments; African Rice & Beans Recipe; African Connections; Current Event Analysis