Lesson 25

Today we reviewed the Check It Out Activities from Week 1.  Students need to complete these activities to become comfortable writing checks; completing deposit tickets and making accurate entries in their checkbook registers.  We also reviewed the skills required to ensure customer needs are met AND exceeded.  Students had great input on ways to make sure 'the customer comes first!'.



Yes, Spring Break is next week BUT there is still homework to be completed this week (not spring break) or the following week (not spring break).   

1.  Please print the attached documents.

2.   Document #1 provides information for the businesses we will operate at BizTown.  Students need to be familiar with ALL (3) businesses, as sometimes we need to shift staffing at the last minute! (Real Life!)   Students should complete page 59 in their Citizens Guide AFTER reading about their assigned business at BizTown.

3.  Document #2 lists continued activities in the students' BizTown 'practice' bank accounts. Please have students complete appropriate checks, deposit tickets and check register entries on pages 77 - 84 of their Citizens Guide.