Lesson 25

Today we reviewed the Check It Out Activities from Week 5.  Students are getting very comfortable writing checks; completing deposit tickets and making accurate entries in their checkbook registers.


Next, each business had to create their ads for the BizTown Newspaper.  The groups worked together well, listening to all input and making decisions as a team.  Each business also had to complete and submit a loan application to the bank for their start-up expenses.  They signed a promissory note to pay off their loan by the end of the business day on March 25.  Finally, each citizen pledged to make a donation to The United Way of BizTown.  They will use their own BizTown monies for these donations.


Next Wednesday is our last class before our BizTown visit!  Please send students to school ready to work!  I know they are ready for BizTown; they just need to know it!


See you next week.