Lesson 24

Great job today with the Toxicology lab!  Testing unknown powders will come in handy when you create your mock crime scenes at the end of the year.  Although you wanted to 'taste' the unknown powder, it's best that you didn't; Forensic Toxicologists DO NOT taste unknown powders:)

Next, we heard about a company that cleans up crime scenes; something we hadn't considered until today.  While the job is not 'pleasant', it is an unfortunate necessity.

(If you didn't submit your lab or worksheets about Grime Scenes, please do so for 'credit' next week!)


Download and complete the attached worksheets - 'Death Online.'  All the links work for each section EXCEPT the one for the autopsies; there is an 's' missing in Australian.  So please copy and paste that particular link in your google search AND add the missing 's' before searching.  Submit these completed worksheets next week in class (March 4).

Looking ahead .... Please plan an extended class time (as previously discussed) on Monday, March 11.  We will be watching a movie based on a true story; 'The Wronged Man'.  (Feel free to research the movie prior to watching)   The movie runs 1 hour and 25 minutes; please arrive to class on time and we should be done between 2:30 - 2:45 p.m.  There will be a worksheet to complete while watching the movie so you receive 'credit'; I will provide movie snacks to sweeten the deal!