Lesson 24

Today, some students tackled the African Countries Quiz #2, while others opted to take it home to complete.  Students seem to be struggling; possibly 'that time of the school year' or recovering from illness?  

Next, we learned how to play an African game from the country of Ghana.  It's similar to Tic-Tac-Toe BUT the 'cat' never wins!  The afternoon class competed in two tournaments; with a blind draw for opponents and a winners and losers bracket. Zane won both tournaments!  Congrats!  If you were absent today, a game board is attached.  Click this link to watch a video to learn to play:




-Attached is a list of countries to learn for upcoming quizzes, as well as country worksheets to complete in your African notebooks.  I will be reviewing notebooks next week to make sure you are up-to-date!  


-After the quiz next week, we will learn to make African Rice & Beans and enjoy the finished product!  Yum!