Lesson 24


You all 'rocked' the Middle School Dance on Friday!   We have hosted the Middle School dance for 5 years and this year we had the largest crowd; over 100 students!!   I was very proud of your work ethic and their overall group effort to ensure a successful event! This group of leaders is the best I have worked with on the Middle School Dance!  Be proud of your accomplishments!   To properly thank each of you, we will be hosting a celebratory outing in the upcoming weeks (date and activity TBD).   

With each event, it's important to celebrate the things we did 'right' and make note of things to remember for the next time! So, we took a few minutes to play 'Monday Morning Quarterback' and critiqued ourselves and the overall event.  Great feedback and notes to remember for next year!

Speaking of next year, I want to invite each of you to join the Leadership group again!  There's always lessons to learn in leadership roles and next year you can be role models for new students who join our group. 

We still have several more projects to finish out the year:

1.  The 2020/2021 School Yearbook.  I am working with the photographer to get a file of  student pictures and together we will choose pictures for the activities pages. Please email any photos you have from field trips or school activities to TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com

2.  After Spring Break, we will discuss the final edition of the Trinity Times for this school year. 


No homework or assignments.  Have a great week!   Mrs. Kelli (Sandefur)