Lesson 24

Students did a GREAT job on their billboard advertisements!  We discussed each 'billboard', offering things we liked about the ad and things we would recommend to 'improve' the ad.  Students are very supportive of each other and it was a fun time!  We even enjoyed samples from two of the businesses!  Many thanks to Pierson for sharing Dunkin Donuts and Cyrus for Cakebites!  YUM!!   This was a great opportunity to talk about another form of advertising - samples!  Businesses who offer samples of their products are promoting their products and customers are more willing to purchase items they have sampled and enjoyed!

Next students talked about ads they enjoy for various businesses and why they like the ad.  We quickly realized the effectiveness of a catchy slogan and 'funny' commercials!  Advertising works but it is expensive; we discussed this as well.

Finally, students were given their BizTown bank account number and instructed to write it on one of their practice checks on page 79 of their Citizens Guide.  This leads into the homework for the week ...


1.  Students should print their name (first and last) and their account number on the practice checks and deposit tickets on pages 79 - 84 of their Citizens Guide.  These checks and deposit tickets, as well as the check register (pages 77-78) are to be used for all practice assignments from now until our BizTown visit.  Attached below are a list of daily items for them to record in their register and write checks/deposit tickets as needed for each activity.  

2.  Students should complete page 54 of their Citizens Guide, explaining why each skill is important to the job listed.

PLEASE have students complete their homework prior to class, so that we can quickly review and move on to new lessons.  We only have 5 more classes until our BizTown Simulation!!