Lesson 24

Today we discussed advertising - why companies advertise (inform, remind, promote); types of advertisements (radio, tv, billboard, etc.) and characteristics students believe make a 'good' ad (use of animals; music; visually appealing).   Our businesses at BizTown get to create/run ads on the radio, as well as in the newspaper.


Speaking of newspaper, I continue to remind and encourage students to write an 'article' for the newspaper at BizTown! See previous email for guidelines for the articles; the deadline for submission is March 13.


Finally, we discussed how businesses set pricing for goods and services.  Too low of a price can jeopardize a profit and too high of a price will jeopardize sales.  We started page 61 in the Citizens Guide; for homework, have students complete this page.   


In addition, please have students return to practicing writing checks; deposit tickets and recording entries in their checkbook register.  (See attachment)


Our BizTown visit is less than a month away!  Please have students to class on time these next few weeks!