Lesson 23

Today we traveled to Africa and we will be there for a few weeks!  Students were given a packet with worksheets to complete for each African country.  These will be assigned as we learn the location of each country (schedule attached below)

As always, we needed a diversion from our hard work.  So, some students in the afternoon class were given charcoal toothpaste tablets and toothbrushes to try.  These tablets are recommended for travel because there isn't a chance of them busting open and ruining clothes in the suitcase and there are a lot of tablets, making them a suitable alternative for long trips. The report back wasn't favorable; most students stated they would skip brushing their teeth if this was the only option for brushing! 


Print attachment; it lists all the countries for students to know for quizzes and pages to be completed in the African countries packet.

Next week we are tackling the pyramids! 

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)