Lesson 23

The last Monday of February, so time to cook!  We had a special 'guest' chef who showed us how to prepare homemade dinner rolls!  Jaedyn's mom (Angie Duckworth) brought these rolls to our Thanksgiving feast and everyone RAVED about them!  So I asked if she would help us learn to make them for our families. She kindly donated her time and the cooking supplies for us to make the dough to take home and bake and brought the finished product for us to enjoy afterwards!  Many thanks Angie and Jaedyn.


1.  Write a thank you note to Mrs. Duckworth for teaching us to make homemade dinner rolls.  Bring to class next week.

2.  Take a picture of yourself baking your roll and send it to me : KelliSandefurTeach@gmail.com

3.  Complete the homework packet given in class (The Dangers of Vaping).  Due in class next week.


Have a great week!   Mrs. Kelli (Sandefur)