Lesson 23

Busy day!!  We started with the skits students prepared depicting 'good/bad' employers and employees!  Always such a fun activity to teach a valuable lesson about how to handle situations as employers and employees.  Next, we completed an exercise to show students how they can accomplish much more as a 'team' than individually.  An important lesson as we head into Biztown and need students to support each other, while also accomplishing their assigned tasks.  Finally, we talked about how businesses promote their goods and services.  Students had great input and the list was long.  

At the end of class students received their Biztown job offers!  


1.  Students should complete page 63 of their Citizen's Guide.  


2.  Students are to create a 'billboard' advertisement for a business of their choice, using a standard size poster board.  We discussed how billboards need to have large, quick messages!  No fine print!  Next week we will hang the posters/billboards and see which accomplish their task of promoting their business in an 'eye=catching' way!

**We only have 6 classes left before our BizTown simulation.  It is VERY important for students to be in class each week; arriving on time with homework completed. **