Lesson 23

Today we reviewed our BizTown businesses to make sure we understand the products and services they provide to citizens.  Next, we discussed characteristics of quality businesses and how to ensure we operate quality businesses at BizTown.  Finally, we discussed how everyone on the business team needs to be prepared to 'pitch in' to help others accomplish their work.  We may have students out sick and just like 'real' businesses, we still need to run a successful business.   TEAMWORK WORKS!  Emphasize this in your conversations.  


Upcoming: Students have the opportunity to write articles for consideration of the BizTown newspaper.  I HIGHLY recommend students submit articles!  In past years, many of our students have had articles featured in the newspaper.  Articles can be 'time sensitive' (spring break; Easter; spring events; baseball spring training) or general (new ride at Busch Gardens; why it's imporant to learn a second language; ways to give back to your community; funny jokes). Students may be creative but of course, the content must be appropriate.    Article length should be between 50 - 250 words.  Articles will need to be typed and emailed to me as an attachment.  A picture may accompany the article but is not required.  Article due date is March 13 but you can have students work on them now and email them to me any time prior to the 13th! 


We only have 3 more classes together until we attend BizTown!?   YAY!!


For homework, please have students complete pages 60 and 63 in their Citizens Guide. Page 60 asks students to consider how to set selling prices for goods and services.  These are general questions to establish knowledge of what effects product pricing, not specific to their BizTown business.  Page 63 asks students to think about advertisements they like and why advertising works.  Encourage students to consider tv, radio and print advertisements.